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Zedd True Colors


“Zedd flew 50 fans to the Grand Canyon”


Fans completed scavenger hunts to win access to exclusive, color-themed listening parties celebrating the upcoming Zedd True Colors album. Underground caves, the Grand Canyon, Alcatraz, and The Stanley Hotel were just a few of the amazing locations that drew thousands of participants out to meet their favorite music artist. The finale took place atop the Empire State Building, featuring an acoustic performance by Zedd himself, synced to a custom programmed light show on the building's exterior, and streamed live to Times Square while the song played on NYC's top radio station.

True Colors debuted at #1 on the Billboard dance & electronic album chart, and was named Best Dance Album of the Year at the 2016 Billboard Awards. The True Colors experience was featured in hundreds of press outlets, including Huffington Post, MTV, People, Vanity Fair, Spin, and ABC's Nightline, and our feature-length documentary, Zedd True Colors, was an official selection of the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival.