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Paper Trail


“One Of Infamous: Second Son's Best Parts Doesn't Happen On the PS4”


Paper Trail was a paradigm-breaking, free DLC experience for Sony and Sucker Punch's PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS Second Son. Each week, players would follow a mysterious Conduit to a series of explorable 3D environments, in-fiction websites and manga pages where they solved puzzles that unlocked content on and off the console, revealing a story of real emotional depth.

Extending gameplay by an average of 4-5 hours through serialized episodic chapters over 6 weeks, Paper Trail increased customer retention and helped Second Son move 1M copies in 9 days. It's still the highest selling PS4 exclusive title, and hardware sales more than doubled in the month of its release. Localized in 15 territories, Paper Trail has garnered over 3 million unique players to date.