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Legends of Alcatraz


“(The) best part was exploring Alcatraz after dark... The weird meshing of reality and fiction is very appealing.”

The mysteries of J.J. Abrams' groundbreaking series Alcatraz were bleeding out from the TV screen and demanding attention. That's where star Jorge Garcia comes in. As Dr. Diego Soto, Garcia recruited players to investigate a series of unsolved crimes through real world participation and online deduction. While the episodes aired on Fox, Soto released case files filled with clues and puzzles. Participants quickly found themselves deciphering the clues and traveling to actual crime scenes around the country- a bloody bank heist in Brooklyn, the site of an epic con job in Austin, and 'The Rock' itself. Every solution yielded entry into an immersive and engaging sweepstakes; with three lucky players rewarded with all-new Ford Mustangs. Job well done, detectives.