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Pawn Takes Pawn

Call of Duty | Activision

“The craziest part of the entire process is that chaos is the point of the entire campaign…”


"Pawn Takes Pawn” is the most successful, digitally-engaged immersive video game experience of all time. To launch Activision’s 2020 flagship release, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, 42 Entertainment immersed franchise fans into the gritty world of secret military operations, conspirators and spies, coded transmissions, secret messages, classic text adventures, retro video games, terrifying zombies and more. From real-life vintage slide projectors to early desktop computer systems complete with working floppy disks, audiences were recruited into the story and transported deep into the early 80’s Cold War.

The most ambitious project of its kind, 42E partnered closely with Activision’s developers Treyarch and Raven to integrate story and gameplay across all platforms, allowing millions of players to seamlessly jump in and out of the PawnTakesPawn website, Call of Duty: Mobile, and the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone PC/console titles.