Experience Matters.

42 Entertainment creates immersive entertainment that invites audiences to participate in connected experiences. Rooted in digital, our fully integrated campaigns leverage our 10 years of experience to engage millions, from the most casual to the most obsessive.

Branded Entertainment

Connect through content

Audiences are becoming increasingly adept at filtering out traditional advertising. We help cut the clutter by creating entertainment destinations that give your audience a role in the story. We create brand experiences that people 'want' to interact with and share.

Brand Strategy

Envision the future

Getting today's audience to care about your brand takes focus, insight, risk, time and money. We help craft strategies and roll out plans that both maximize your efforts and evolve over time so that once you establish a true connection, you nurture it.

Brand Integrations

Breed loyalty with authenticity

Make the most of your partnerships and promotions with authentic integrations that respect your audience. Let us help you push beyond standard product placement with unique creative solutions that truly offer added value.

Live Events

Make an impact

We view the world as a stage, and we'll do anything to put on a good show. From floating LED helicopters raining down onto the Bonnaroo Music Festival, to re-programming the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas - we specialize in making the impossible, possible.

Location Based Entertainment

Local impact on a global scale

We concept, produce, and execute custom built installations and participatory live theater performances all around the world. We love surprising and connecting with people where they are, and entertaining them in ways they'll never forget.

WOM & Social

Shift the conversation

Instead of simply reacting to what people say about you, or forcing your product message onto the public, we help you craft interactions that inspire passionate communities and meaningful conversations that reflect your brand values.

Interactive Gaming

Inspire through play

Successful integrated campaigns must engage people on multiple levels, from hardcore enthusiasts to interested observers. Leveraging over 10 years of interactive gaming experience, we craft the right formula to reach your target - ensuring that at every level, your message finds its audience.

Scavenger Hunts

Fuel discovery

We bring people together to solve mysteries collaboratively around the globe, creating memorable moments that reinforce insider status. Whether it's finding real phones hidden in birthday cakes, or discovering exclusive artifacts, we get people out into the real world, connect their experience to the online community amplifying the message.


Empower interaction

Truly great immersive entertainment comes from the right balance of creativity and technology. From the web and mobile, to physical installations and custom applications, we build digital solutions that deliver best-in-class experiences that work across all channels.

Film & Video Production

Capture the moment

We are a full service production company that believes if content is king, then it better look amazing. From national broadcast spots, to webisodes, and everything in between, our highly talented production and post-production team ensures the stories we tell are as striking as they are engaging.


Draw their attention

High-end visual effects, stunning 3D, character-based animation, stylized stop-motion, and impactful motion graphics. Our CGI department is composed of industry experts versed in every stage of bringing worlds to life - from concept, to full production, to final color correction.


Craft what's next

42 Entertainment thrives on innovation, and creativity. We are expert problem solvers constantly looking for new ways to surprise and entertain. There is no challenge too ambitious for us to tackle. If it's never been done before, then even better. We don't just dream big - we make big things happen.